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our mission is to provide practical knowledge and skill for every one who want to get better job, or want to start their own startup. And to fulfill this mission we need help and support from you and others like minded peoples like you who share the same vision with us.

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If you want to teach with us, you can apply for an instructor we will review your application and let you know whether you are eligible to teach or not. It will take at least two business days to review your application.

Let both of us provide best possible skill to help everyone get better jobs. We are eagerly waiting for your application.

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Here are some mandatory rules you have to follow as an instructor

• Have to provide practical knowledge and skills

• Must follow the kosees guideline

• Don’t include any irrelevant link and resources

• Don’t use vulgar word or any kind of words that will harm any others reputations

• Be kind to each other’s
You can upload your courses after we will approve your application. You can find course related tutorials below.

After you submitted your course we will review your course and let you know whether we can publish your course on our platform or not.

After we successfully review your courses you can start teaching,

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